Dec 30

Link to Haiku by Two

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December 30th, 2008

If you like Haiku By Two and want to share our site with others, we have banners you can place on your own web site to do just that!

Simply copy the code under each image below, then paste it into your web site or blog.

And thanks, in advance, for being a reader and helping promote our work.

125 x 125 Square Icon
Haiku By Two

120 x 60 Small Banner
Haiku By Two

234 x 60 Large Banner
Haiku By Two

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Dec 29

How to be a Guest on Haiku By Two

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December 29th, 2008

Do you want to be a guest on Haiku By Two? Here’s what you need to do.

1. Write between 5 and 7 haiku. Follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable count. The subject matter is up to you; we’re not sticklers for haiku with nature themes. That said, however, we are sticklers for good, clean fun. Nothing naughty, please.

2. Write a 250-word (or about that) bio sharing a little bit of your background information while also describing why you like writing haiku. If you need an example, swing by our About page.

3. Paste your haiku and bio into the body of an email and send them to with an appropriate subject tag like “Guest Inquiry: John Doe.” We won’t open attachments.

4. Give us a few days to respond. If we like your work, we’ll schedule you as a guest. At this point, we’ll request a headshot to post with your bio.

5. If you’ve got a web site of your own that you’re trying to promote, we’ll gladly post a link back to it in your bio. That’s within reason, though. Remember, we’re all about good, clean fun. No naughty links.

6. Haiku By Two reserves the right to edit a guest bio or point out incorrectly counted syllables in submitted haiku. Haiku By Two also reserves the right to deny a guest application.

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Dec 28

Announcing the Launch of Haiku By Two

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December 28th, 2008


Announcing the Launch of Haiku By Two

Minneapolis, Minn., January 1, 2009 — The start of the new year marks the start of, a Web site that will post one haiku a day for the entire year.

Haiku By Two was created by Kelly Westhoff and Alison Kehler in an attempt to reestablish a friendship complicated by distance, career, marriage and motherhood.

Currently, Westhoff is an active freelance writer in Minnesota while Kehler, who lives in New York, is the busy mother of an energetic toddler.

The two women met and became friends, however, in 1997 when they were employed as English teachers at the same language school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Both Westhoff and Kehler mark this experience abroad as a pivotal time in their lives. Because of this, they have always strived to maintain contact. In recent years, though, their friendship has waned.

The purpose of Haiku By Two, therefore, is to rekindle their friendship while practicing art, a pursuit which is important to each of the women.

Westhoff, who holds a degree in creative writing, finessed all the text on the site. Kehler, who earned a degree in fine arts, created the art for the site.

Every day for the entire calendar year of 2009, either Westhoff or Kehler will post a new haiku.

Haiku By Two will also post reviews of haiku-related products and interviews with haiku authors.

In addition, the site will host readers as guest haiku artists.

For more information, contact:
Kelly Westhoff; kelly at haikubytwo dot com.

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Dec 28

How to get a Review on Haiku By Two

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December 28th, 2008

First of all, we don’t get paid to review a product. We review what we want so long as it has it something to do with haiku.

If you know about a haiku-related product and you think we should know about it, too, then you should send us an email.

Send an email to with an appropriate subject tag like “Review: New Haiku Hair Barrettes.”

We won’t open any unsolicited photos or press release attachments. Say what you need to say in the body of an email and if we’re interested, we’ll get back to you for additional info and images.

Haiku By Two may or may not review your product. Remember, we review what we want.

While we’re on the subject, though, swing by our links page. That’s where we post all sorts of links to quirky and interesting haiku-related web sites. It might just be that your haiku-tip is a better fit for that page.

If that’s the case, let us know about it. Send an email to with an appropriate subject tag like “Link: Haiku by Aliens Web Site.”

Lastly, we’re not opposed to posting ads on our site. Nobody wants to be a starving artist. If you think you might be interested in advertising with Haiku By Two, send us an email and we can talk.

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Dec 28

Coming Soon!

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by Kelly

by Kelly

This site will go live

on January one, two

thousand nine.  Countdown!

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