Nov 08

Sites We Check Out Regularly

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Tags: , November 8th, 2011

We don’t just blog. We read blogs, too. And not just haiku blogs! Here are links to blogs we frequent:

Lunch Break
A haiku/haiga dialogue by Gillena Cox who lives in sunny St. James on the island of Trinidad.

Tiny Topaz
Pretty pictures served up with “. . . perfect words in perfect order.” Those would be the blogger’s words.

My Mommy’s Place
A stay-at-home, Ohio mom posts witty haiku about her life.

Haiku USA
Haiku by Bill, who started writing haiku one month before his 72nd birthday.

Haiku Sue
Haiku Sue is an advice columnist for the online newspaper Style Wylde. Haiku Sue’s claim to fame? All of her advice is given in haiku form. Sage Advice in 17 Syllables!

All Are Equal
Sometimes haiku, sometimes thoughtful quotes. You never really know what you’ll find on Chris’ blog.

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Jan 27

Links to More Serious Haiku Endeavors

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January 27th, 2009
Wow. The people at have spent some serious time online tracking down any and everything haiku related. Seriously. If you’re looking for haiku, look here.

The Haiku Society of America
A non-profit organization that works to promote the writing and enjoyment of haiku.

Frogpond Journal
Published three times a year by the Haiku Society of America. Features contemporary American haiku and other short poetry forms. Also includes essays about haiku and book reviews.

Haiku Oz
The Australian Haiku Society encourages the enjoyment of haiku within Australia and also works to promote Australian poets.

Irish Haiku Society
A literary society in Ireland dedicated to the pursuit of all things haiku.

Simply Haiku
A quarterly journal of Japanese short form poetry.

World Haiku Association
An international association with wonderful online resources. Be sure to check out their haiga links!

Haiga Online
A web site devoted to haiga (haiku-style illustrations, often accompanying haiku) and haiku.

With Words
A UK literary nonprofit with information on haiku workshops and competitions!

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Dec 30

Link to Haiku by Two

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December 30th, 2008

If you like Haiku By Two and want to share our site with others, we have banners you can place on your own web site to do just that!

Simply copy the code under each image below, then paste it into your web site or blog.

And thanks, in advance, for being a reader and helping promote our work.

125 x 125 Square Icon
Haiku By Two

120 x 60 Small Banner
Haiku By Two

234 x 60 Large Banner
Haiku By Two

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