Haiku 1063

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by Kelly

by Kelly

inconvenienced by

new front door security

at Han Min’s preschool

Yes, yes. I know. Stepped up security is a good thing in light of the Sandy Hook school shooting. But, that event took place before winter break and Han Min’s school didn’t have much time to respond before classes let out for the holidays. Well, apparently, the school took advantage of all this time off to come up with a new security detail. Yet I didn’t know that.

So this morning, here I was, trying hard to get Han Min back into the preschool routine. It felt like a monumental task. After so many days off sleeping in, hanging out in his pajamas until after lunch or going to a cousin’s house to play all day, Han Min was in no mood to be rushed out the door to preschool by 9 am.

“I play my house!” he kept telling me as I tried to stuff him into his clothes and sit him down to brush his teeth.

Finally, I got the dogs in the kennel, the kid in the car and ourselves to the school. We were already late and then I discovered the whole new front door routine. The door I was used to using was locked, so I had to run across the parking lot with the little guy to the one door that was open, which was, of course, on the opposite side of the building from where I needed to be. And while I’m doing this, I’m eyeballing the parking lot thinking, I could have parked so much closer had I known which door I had to use!

Argh! We were already late and the new routine felt like it made us so much later!



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    One thing that I never anticipated as a part of motherhood is exactly this. How much time and effort it takes to do little things, like get a kid in the car seat or drop them off at school. There have been days that we never leave the house because I can’t get Penny to put her socks on!

    Comment by Alison — January 8, 2013 @ 7:51 am

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    I’ve been taking H to a Mommy and Me class. There is an hour of kid and mommy play time and then the mommies go bye-bye and get to have an hour of parenting class while the kids all play together. It’s been great in that I get to hear what other moms with kids H’s age are dealing with.

    A couple months back, there was a lot of talk about what to do when your kid won’t put on a coat, mittens, hat, boots, etc. That’s kind of a big deal in these parts. The parent educator told us (and I thought this was brilliant), that even though the kids may have lived through a previous winter and we think they should be able to remember about mittens, coats, etc, that they really don’t remember it.

    So, when they refuse to put on a coat, or mittens or whatever item of clothing you think they need, you just say to them, “Okay, if you don’t want to wear your coat, you don’t have to, but that means you’re going to learn what cold feels like.” Then you pick them up and take them outside and go about your business because you know they are going to eventually say they want the coat because they are cold. Then you say, “Oh, you are cold? Well, this is what cold feels like. It doesn’t feel very good, does it? We can go get your coat, but maybe tomorrow we can put your coat on before we leave the house so you don’t have to feel cold again.”

    I would assume you could use the exact same trick with the socks. Maybe P won’t like the feel of grass on her feet, or her shoes touching her bare feet or maybe her feet will get cold or wet. Whatever. Just let her have her way, but then try to make sure she will be uncomfortable having her way, and then she’ll realize your way is really much better.

    If I had to guess, I’d say she uses the “no sock” ploy on you, not because she doesn’t want to wear socks, but because what she really wants is to stay home and play inside and she knows that refusing to put on her socks is how she can get what she wants.

    But yes, I totally agree with you about being unaware just how much time it takes to get a kid fed, cleaned, dressed, in the car and on the way to whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. It takes FOREVER!

    Comment by Kelly — January 8, 2013 @ 8:12 am

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