Haiku Teacups by Alexis Siemons

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I’m a tea drinker. I love the tea, and I love the paraphernalia — the pots, the cozies, the delicate saucers, the little silver spoons. And now I have a very special haiku teacup.

I found it on Etsy, this fantastic web site that sells only hand-made items. One day, just curious and playing around, I searched Etsy for “haiku” and there it was.

It was made by a woman named Alexis Siemons. She composes haiku and then hand writes her little poems onto the sides of teacups. She calls her business Teaspoons & Petals, and I knew right away that I had to have one. My haiku teacup reads:

leaves like paintbrushes
are coloring the water
steep it, watch and breathe

In my mind, haiku and tea are linked. I often drink tea during the evening, after dinner, when my daughter has gone to sleep and I can finally just relax. I sit in my favorite chair, think about my day, and sip my tea.

Once Kelly and I started Haiku By Two, tea time quickly turned into haiku time as that quiet hour was a space when I could actually write down my thoughts.

Now that I have my haiku tea cup, I write haiku while drinking from it.

My haiku teacup makes me feel festive and focused on haiku. No one else is allowed to use it. I sometimes think this is not very “haiku” of me, but I can’t help it. My haiku teacup is mine.

Once I started using my haiku teacup everyday, I knew that Kelly had to have one, too. But Kelly’s not a tea drinker. She is obsessed with coffee. I sent Alexis an email, asking if she could make a haiku coffee cup and she said that she could. She even said she would customize the haiku, and I thought this was the coolest thing.

I told her all about Kelly, how she is this busy writer and a world traveler, how we first met while traveling through South America. About a week later, Alexis emailed me eight different haiku she had written using what I’d told her. I picked one, she made it and shipped it to Kelly . . .

So I unexpectedly get this box in the mail. I had no idea what was inside. When I opened, it though, I was totally thrilled and completely touched.

The haiku on the side of the cup is clearly just for me. It reads:

In these brief moments
Kelly stops to sip coffee
and dreams of Peru

And you know what? Now that I have my haiku coffee cup, I do find myself sipping from it, stopping now and then, and thinking about Peru.

I think about the Peruvian journey I took with Alison, about the four-day trek we did to Machu Picchu and about how that experience forever altered my life. And then I remember that I have Alison to thank for it all as the entire trip had been her idea.

How lucky I am to have a friend like Alison! She is someone who has pushed me to be a better version of myself since I met her so many years ago.

But wait. This isn’t supposed to be a love-letter to Alison. It’s supposed to be a love-letter to my haiku coffee cup.

Maybe, though, they can be one and the same.

The point is, I love my cup. It’s a perfect size, generously proportioned, which is ideal as I’m kind of a coffee fiend.

And it’s mine all mine, as evidenced by the personalized haiku on the side.

And each time I pick it up, I’m reminded of a true friend.



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