Feb 22

Haiku 1089

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by Kelly

by Kelly

unexpected gift

cashier says, “It’s on the house.”

black coffee, white snow

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Feb 18

Haiku 1088

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by Kelly

by Kelly

He goes to preschool.

I drink coffee, watch trashy

TV, feel guilty.

But sometimes a mom just needs to veg out undisturbed, right?

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Jan 19

Haiku 1074

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by Alison

by Alison

seven little drops

of chocolate Stevia

makes my coffee sweet


If you are looking to reduce your sugar intake, I highly recommend Stevia! It has zero calories and it’s all natural. I’m happiest with a little sweetness in the morning so this has been a great find for me.

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Feb 04

Haiku 765

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by Kelly

by Kelly

sun-filled bakery

I sip decaf and zone out

to Frank Sinatra

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Nov 01

Haiku 670

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by Alison

by Alison

a flurry of souls

at the coffee shop – we watch


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Aug 03

Haiku 582

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by Alison

by Alison

so much to do my

head is spinning – dear coffee,

you have your limits

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May 07

Haiku 492

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by Alison

by Alison

Is it the coffee?

My heart races as I stare

at the lilac bush.

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Jan 04

Cafe Haiku

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by Alison

by Alison

Before becoming a mom, a typical Saturday morning for me would include yoga class followed by a leisurely coffee at my local cafe.

These days I can only look forward to such a morning in the form of a birthday or mother’s day gift from husband — you know, one of those handmade coupons tucked in a pretty card and promising me a day to myself.

Ah, well. But I still love cafes, even if my weekly jaunts to a cafe are a little less leisurely.

I love a good espresso or the occasional caramel latte, but truth be told, my love of cafes is not about the coffee — it’s the human connection that draws me.

Whether I am at a cafe to sit quietly and read, meet up with a girlfriend or stop in for a quick caffeine fix, I just love the company cafe life allows me to keep … busy professionals, teenagers texting, blind daters over expressing, moms chasing toddlers along with writers tapping away on their iMacs. Cafe life is vibrant and varied.

And with this in mind I assumed Cafe Haiku was written just for me. It’s a collaboration of photographs and haiku by cross continental friends Zenbu Nometa of Shingu, Japan and Jeffrey Goldsmith of San Francisco, USA. Their book, Cafe Haiku, is a fun and cheeky little look at cafe life.

The haiku that were most interesting to me were (of course) about the people. Such as this one:

Hi there, Nicotine.

Would you like one? Oui, bien sur.

Devilish cafe friend.

Perhaps it’s not legal to smoke in many cafes in the States anymore, but I love this one for painting a little scene of boundaries being blurred and intimacies being formed which is so common in the world of cafes.

Also memorable for me is this one, which makes me think of my college days:

To cafes they go.

To talk of one thing most dear.


I might feel a little pretentious waxing on and on about the great artists in some settings. But at a cafe? Never!

Now a book about cafes would not be complete without mention of coffee and this is where Cafe Haiku puts it’s focus, which was not surprising after all seeing as how the book was published by the Caffeine Society.

And although I wish Cafe Haiku contained more haiku about the living pulse of cafe life, I did enjoy many of the caffeinated poems. Such as this one:

Why just go Euro?

Vietnam’s got great Java.

Condensed black and white.

Oh, that sounds intriguing! And with the very pleasing accompanying photograph, oh yum! I could use a Vietnamese Java tout de suite.

Wait. What did I just say???? I do not speak French but it seems this book has made an impression on me. I think I’m going to have to cash in that coupon gift from husband and head to a cafe. And then I shall surely spend half the day reading, chatting, people watching, drinking Java and of course…. writing haiku.

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Jan 01

Haiku 366

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by Alison

by Alison

drinking black coffee

I think of the blue moon and

our year of haiku

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Sep 14

Haiku 257

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Coffee, my Coffee!

detox diet rules you out —

terrible sadness

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