Oct 11

Buckles Comic Strip and Haiku

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by Kelly

by Kelly

I’ve written in this space before about my mom’s habit of “clipping.” When she comes across an article she thinks I will find interesting, she “clips” it out of the newspaper or magazine and sends it to me.

Many months ago, she gave me a clipping from an article in the Wall Street Journal about President George W. Bush that said he liked haiku.

More recently, she gave me a haiku-related comic strip that she clipped from the paper:

Oh, how sad and true this haiku feels to me. But it’s only sad and true if this is, in fact, what my dogs do when I’m away. Maybe they don’t pine for me during my absence. Yet their exuberant greetings lead me to believe they do…

This isn’t the first time my mom has clipped a Buckles comic strip for me. After all, in my family, we’re devoted dog lovers and Buckles is all about the life of a spoiled dog.

And actually, my mom has clipped Buckles haiku for me before. It seems David Gilbert, the comic strip’s creator, has a hidden love of haiku.

I’ve tried to contact Mr. Gilbert in the past to find out if he has a collection of Buckles haiku, or if he would be up for telling me more about his haiku streak. Maybe with this blog posting, I’ll finally get a response!

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