Dec 30

Haiku 982

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Who are these dummies

that keep falling through the ice?

strange December warmth

Every night there is a story on the news about someone who has fallen through the ice on one of Minnesota’s ten-thousand lakes, and every night Hubby and I turn to each other and say, “Who are these idiots?”

After last winter’s deluge of snow, we’re strangely snow-less this year. Not only are we snow-less, we’re also cold-less. Temperatures reached 40 degrees on Christmas! Unbelievable in this neck of the woods for this time of year. With temps like that, it’s no wonder the lakes aren’t frozen solid yet.

Which brings me back to my haiku. Last night there was a story on the news about a man who took his toddler for a joy ride on an ATV on a lake, and (surprise, surprise), the ATV fell through the ice! Luckily, some teenagers were ice skating nearby (crazy girls) and called 911. Everyone survived. But still. Who are these dummies? There is no way I’d wander out onto a lake right now, no matter how frozen it appears, let alone drive on one!

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