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Haiku By Two Quoted in BBC Article

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Alison Kehler, co-creator of Haiku By Two, was quoted in an article posted on the BBC News web site.

The article, “EU president Herman Van Rompuy and his love of haiku,” was written by Stephen Mulvey and posted on Saturday, March 20, 2010.

In it, Mulvey interviews Herman Van Rompuy, who became president of the European Union in 2009, about his love of haiku.

Alison Kehler learned about Van Rompuy and his haiku blog back last fall. She blogged about the world leader and his haiku-ing ways on her web site, Haiku By Two, in a post titled Euro Union Prez and Haikuer Van Rompuy.

BBC writer Mulvey picked up on her post and pulled from it to complete his recent article. Kehler’s quote appears toward the end. It reads …

“OMG! I love this guy!” writes Alison Kehler at

“I think I have a new criterion for future politicians… the wisdom of haiku… and correct me if that’s not a great quality for leadership!”

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