Mar 28

Haiku 1093

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by Kelly

by Kelly

I’m overwhelmed by

dirty dishes — the neighbor’s

snowman collapses

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Sep 07

Haiku 1053

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by Kelly

by Kelly

somewhere in between

scrubbing pots and folding laundry

she breaks down in tears

he doesn’t notice

his head in a video game

his wife’s frustration

I composed this haiku couplet many weeks ago. It felt so true to my experience of new motherhood at that moment in time that I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it down. And yet, as it reveals my utter exhaustion and angst, I never found the time to post it until now.

At the time that I was living it, and right now as I’m posting it, I’m thinking of you, dear Alison, my haiku partner. I just know you will relate to in in your bones.

And even now, weeks later, as I type it up here and reread it, I too have a visceral reaction to it. It makes me angry and sad and angry again as–unfortunately–too often these feelings bubble up when I’m chopping vegetables or folding laundry. Will the laundry ever go away?

Please don’t answer that question. I already know the answer.

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