Jan 13

Haiku 1069

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by Kelly

by Kelly

six degrees outside

I’m peeing in an alley

Hubby standing guard

And I must say — the air wasn’t as cold on my private parts as I was dreading it to be! However, it’s possible I was just so relieved to be going that I didn’t even really register the cold! This must make me a true Minnesota girl!

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Dec 30

Haiku 982

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Who are these dummies

that keep falling through the ice?

strange December warmth

Every night there is a story on the news about someone who has fallen through the ice on one of Minnesota’s ten-thousand lakes, and every night Hubby and I turn to each other and say, “Who are these idiots?”

After last winter’s deluge of snow, we’re strangely snow-less this year. Not only are we snow-less, we’re also cold-less. Temperatures reached 40 degrees on Christmas! Unbelievable in this neck of the woods for this time of year. With temps like that, it’s no wonder the lakes aren’t frozen solid yet.

Which brings me back to my haiku. Last night there was a story on the news about a man who took his toddler for a joy ride on an ATV on a lake, and (surprise, surprise), the ATV fell through the ice! Luckily, some teenagers were ice skating nearby (crazy girls) and called 911. Everyone survived. But still. Who are these dummies? There is no way I’d wander out onto a lake right now, no matter how frozen it appears, let alone drive on one!

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Jul 01

Haiku 909

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by Kelly

by Kelly

politics heat up

in St. Paul* — humidity

climbs and storms approach

* The Minnesota state government shut down at midnight, and with it, state parks, camp grounds, highway rest stops, zoos, horse racing tracks, carnival ride inspections, restaurant inspections and a long list of other state-funded agencies just in time for the 4th of July holiday. The legislators and the governor cannot agree on a budget. There is little hope that either side is willing to compromise. Nobody knows how long this will go on.  Thousands of state employees have been laid off. Their last day of work was yesterday.

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Mar 07

Haiku 431

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by Kelly

by Kelly

I don’t trust this sun,

this melting, this warmth, this is

still Minnesota.

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Feb 21

Haiku 417

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by Kelly

by Kelly

not pot holes but holes

every road I drive is cracked —

we’re all damaged goods

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Feb 13

Haiku 409

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by Kelly

by Kelly

four Minnesotans

engaged in small talk trash talk

the snow wimps out East

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Jan 10

Haiku 375

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by Kelly

by Kelly

High today of eight.

“Downright balmy,” says deejay–

local humor

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Nov 16

Hotdish Haiku edited by Pat Dennis

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Few things are more Minnesotan than hotdish.

In fact, those of us who call the state home often take a perverse pride in hotdish culture. We praise hotdishes and wax nostalgic for them.

There is no better proof of this, perhaps, than Hotdish Haiku, a tiny little book filled with teeny little poems about the humble hotdish (and some hotdish recipes).

A whole host of authors, each with a Minnesota tie, contributed haiku to this collection. And the book was even put out by a homespun publisher, based — of course — in Minnesota.

If you’re not from Minnesota (or the Upper Midwest), you might be wondering right about now exactly what a hotdish is. Let me fill you in — a hotdish is a casserole.

It’s an entire meal in one dish. Usually rice, pasta or potatoes makes up the bottom layer. The starch (for that’s what rice, pasta and potatoes are) is mixed with a can of cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup or cream of celery soup to add the moisture needed for it to cook.

Meat of nearly any kind comes next. I grew up with with hamburger hotdish, pork chop hotdish, chicken hotdish and turkey hotdish. Tuna hotdish is also popular.

The final layer could be comprised of any number of things. Shredded cheese is popular. So are tatter tots or bread crumbs or dry Lipton onion soup.

Generally speaking, hotdish isn’t something you’ll find people eating in the summer. It’s too dense and thick to be enjoyable when the humidity is high.

Instead, hotdish is something we break out once the leaves start to change. Come January, hotdishes hit an all-time peak in popularity. Hotdishes keep us warm and cozy (and cushioned with calories) once the temperature drops below zero. Hotdishes are also a staple of church potluck suppers.

So, now that we’re all on the same page about what a hotdish is, I feel I can move on to reviewing Hotdish Haiku.

According to the book’s introduction, hotdish and haiku share something in common.

When reading a haiku, for one brief moment, you stop and reflect on the nature of how the world works.

When digging into a hotdish, there is one brief moment, when the first bite reaches your mouth and the steamy aroma fills your nose and fogs your glasses, when you stop and sigh and reflect on the goodness at hand.

Both, claim the authors of Hotdish Haiku, encourage you to be in the moment.

As the winds have turned chilly here in Minnesota, I’ve noticed that I’ve been cooking up hotdishes in my kitchen. I’m averaging one a week right now and while Hubby usually claims to like them, I must admit that this Hotdish Haiku gave me pause:

Cans being opened

She always serves hotdish

Divorce will follow

— Pat Dennis

Hmmmm. Mayve I should cool it on the hotdish? But then again:

Ghost of old hotdish

Memories from a childhood

Glass dish with cover

–Sandra Thomas

Instead of putting a kabash on my current hotdish streak, I decided to start penning some Hotdish Haiku of my own. Here’s one I came up with after discussing the hotdish phenomenon with a friend over the phone:

Tater tot hotdish,

says my East Coast, Jewish friend,

What the f*** is that?

I’d love to hear some of your hotdish haiku! Let’s start a running list below!

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May 19

Haiku 139

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Seventy-nine then

forty-eight, fickle is a

Minnesota spring.

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Feb 18

Haiku 49

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Noon. I walked the dogs

without mittens or frostbite.

By night — falling snow.

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