Apr 03

Haiku 1096

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Shopping for preschools.

Do we live in Manhattan?

Wait listed again!?!?!!!!!

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Sep 06

Haiku 1052

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by Kelly

by Kelly

leaves crunch underfoot

Han Min starts preschool and I

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It’s been four months since I last posted a haiku. It feels like an eternity. So much happened during those summer months that I don’t even know how to begin describing them. In short — I became a mom. My husband and I adopted a little boy (2 and a half) from China.

I had high hopes that I would haiku throughout this major life transition. Alas, my plans fell short. In the beginning, I couldn’t have found the time (or the energy) to compose a haiku and post it even if I tried. And then, well, once I started to have the energy — and even composed a few haiku in my mind — between the laundry and the grocery shopping, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it to the computer and log into the site to post anything.

And now it is fall and my little guy is off to preschool. His academic career is starting slow; he’ll attend just two days a week. But I’m so excited to have some time to myself to organize the office and post haiku!

So here’s hoping this is the first of many “motherhood” haiku from my point-of-view.

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