Sep 11

Haiku 254

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by Alison

by Alison

How funny he was!

Timothy D. Betterly

loved to hear laughter.

Some people just have it – that ability to make people laugh, energize others to participate in antics and to engage in the endlessly zany possibilities that exist in life. Timothy D. Betterly was exactly this kind of person.

When I started to research Timothy’s life, I laughed out loud when I read the stories that countless friends and family members shared. This was a guy who dressed up as Sponge Bob on the beach to amuse his children. A guy who caused mischief even at the mall. Yes, Timothy D. Betterly was thrown out of a Sears for animating trash can lids a little too loudly for his children! How ridiculously wonderful is that? And my favorite of his wild antics – the time he spontaneously hitched a ride on a Manhattan garbage truck and returned to his friends 30 minutes later.

But he wasn’t just funny. Timothy had a great big heart. In high school Timothy noticed a mentally handicapped girl who always ate lunch alone. So he invited her to sit with him and his football playing friends. She happily ended up having lunch with Timothy and his friends for two years.

This was Timothy’s life – heart and laughter. And I admire the spirited, loving and giving way that he lived life greatly.

Timothy D. Betterly lost his life at the age of 41 in the North Tower on 9/11. He was a bond trader from New Jersey and left behind his wife and two daughters.

I feel so lucky to have learned about his life by participating in Project 2,996. Thanks Sarah, for letting me know about this incredible collaboration!

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