Jan 05

Haiku 1063

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by Kelly

by Kelly

They bluster and bark

at an empty tree. What’s there

I wonder — vampires?

Damn Twilight. Ever since I read those books, I can’t shake the feeling that vampires are lurking in my night trees, watching me as I take my dogs out before bed. If you only knew how many nights I’ve hurried my dogs inside while keeping an eye on the sky. It’s even crossed my mind that my dogs are probably safe from these monsters of the night. They’re so small, they wouldn’t provide much sustenance. But then that leaves me . . .

I’ve tried several times to write a haiku about this fear, but I’ve either never been pleased with the outcome or, in a fit of self consciousness, chickened out when it came time to push the publish button. Surely readers would think me silly.

But since we’ve decided to relax our approach to haiku this year, to let ourselves write about whatever comes to mind, no matter how trivial, I decided it was time to finally share my vampire jitters.

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Oct 14

Vampire Haiku by Ryan Mecum

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by Kelly

by Kelly

Thank God for Vampire Haiku!

This book, by Ryan Mecum, is the second in his series of haiku books with a monster theme, and since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought a review of some scary haiku books was in order.

Mecum’s first title is Zombie Haiku, but it was so intense and frightening that I could hardly look at it. Instead, I packaged it up and shipped it to Alison (I know, I’m such a nice friend), with instructions that it was her Halloween pick to review, while I kept Vampire Haiku, Mecum’s second and far gentler book, to myself.

Vampire Haiku is in the form of a journal written entirely in 5-7-5 haiku. The journal belongs to a vampire named William Butten, and because he is vampire, the journal takes place over the course of three centuries.

The haiku recount this vampire birth:

Our first kiss was bad,

for when she began necking,

I began bleeding.

And his vampire eating habits:

Blood tastes like cherries

mixed with a lot of copper

and way too much salt.

Sprinkled throughout the journal are love haiku. William is in love with a beautiful vampy bloodsucker named Katherine. She was the vampire who turned him, yet she refused to stick around and ride out eternity with him.

He pines for her and every couple years, meets up with her over the 4th of July. There are fireworks, but then she leaves again. Then finally, one year, the same year the diary ends, William finally discovers why Katherine has been avoiding him all this time.

Sometimes the journal pages are splattered with blood. William is, after all, a vampire. Other pages hold photographs of images that correlate with his haiku. Some of these images are eerie and others are kinda gross. I flipped by those pages quickly.

See, I’m not really a monster-lovin’ sort of gal. I don’t do horror films, haunted houses or other scary Halloween stuff. It’s just not my thing. I was surprised, therefore, that I not only made it through Vampire Haiku, but that I also turned the last page thinking the whole shebang was pretty clever.

Maybe the Twilight series had something to do with this. A few months back I did read all four. Perhaps that vampire-reading experience allowed me to approach Vampire Haiku with some interest. And Twilight is mentioned in Vampire Haiku. A few times:

Those were not vampires.

If sunlight makes you sparkle,

you’re a unicorn.

Ah. Unicorns. Now that’s my kind of make-believe.

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