Jan 07

Haiku 1063

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by Kelly

by Kelly

inconvenienced by

new front door security

at Han Min’s preschool

Yes, yes. I know. Stepped up security is a good thing in light of the Sandy Hook school shooting. But, that event took place before winter break and Han Min’s school didn’t have much time to respond before classes let out for the holidays. Well, apparently, the school took advantage of all this time off to come up with a new security detail. Yet I didn’t know that.

So this morning, here I was, trying hard to get Han Min back into the preschool routine. It felt like a monumental task. After so many days off sleeping in, hanging out in his pajamas until after lunch or going to a cousin’s house to play all day, Han Min was in no mood to be rushed out the door to preschool by 9 am.

“I play my house!” he kept telling me as I tried to stuff him into his clothes and sit him down to brush his teeth.

Finally, I got the dogs in the kennel, the kid in the car and ourselves to the school. We were already late and then I discovered the whole new front door routine. The door I was used to using was locked, so I had to run across the parking lot with the little guy to the one door that was open, which was, of course, on the opposite side of the building from where I needed to be. And while I’m doing this, I’m eyeballing the parking lot thinking, I could have parked so much closer had I known which door I had to use!

Argh! We were already late and the new routine felt like it made us so much later!

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Jan 02

Haiku 1060

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by Alison

by Alison

video gamers

shooting up their enemies –

this life is madness

This haiku is philosophical. I’ve been thinking about video games too, but for different reasons than Kelly. Years ago, when a friend enlightened me to the updated world of home video games I got to experience military-style combat. These games were going for a high sense of realism with optimal violence. The entire point of the game was to shoot and kill your enemies and lots of ’em. Sometimes the enemies were Nazis. Sometimes they were cops or innocent bystanders. Whoever it was the game designed you to kill, a high level of adrenaline surfaces for the video game shooter! I guess some would call it mindless entertainment. Others might call it intoxicating.

There are many studies that support the theory that violent video games cause aggressive behavior. I wonder how many studies have been done to decipher how children with personality disorders such as narcissism or psychosis absorb video games? I wonder what playing seven hours of target shooting and then watching Batman Returns does to the human psyche, particularly to those who are already vulnerable?

I’m not saying that guns do not cause violence. Personally, I do not understand the sort of gun that can kill many within seconds and I’m not sure why in many states gun ownership is easier than getting a driver’s license. But I’m surprised that many liberal-minded friends do not see a correlation between violence and the media. Good art is powerful and can elevate the human soul. If this is true, than what can bad art do? Do highly realistic, violent, negative, soulless images have their own sort of power? I’d love it if those who support gun reform would begin to discuss this too. Or is the artist, even the bad artist, never wrong?

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Aug 05

Haiku 582

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by Alison

by Alison

blood on our doorstep

animal tracks dig the grass –

What happened last night?

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Oct 27

Haiku 300

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by Alison

by Alison

A neighbor tells me,

“Be sure to wear red or orange –

It’s hunting season.”

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Oct 09

Haiku 282

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by Alison

by Alison

Why are boys killing

for no apparent reason

in Suburbia?

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